Triangle Research

Triangle produces empirical research to expand our clients’ knowledge across key sectors and markets.  Through its multidisciplinary approach, Triangle’s research team of analysts, academics, evaluators, and journalists work together to go beyond the compartmentalisation of knowledge to provide holistic analysis and solutions for the clients and communities we work with.

UNWomen, ILO, UNHCR Livelihoods and SGBV Study
Study of Livelihoods and SGBV Protection in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon for UN Women, ILO, and UNHCR
Tunisia - Security Sector Reform
Project Evaluation on Tunisia's Security Sector for USIP
Citizens’ Perception Research Study for GVC
Triangle Report First to Evaluate UNDP Syria Country Programme Outcomes Since Onset of Crises
Outcome Evaluation of UNDP Syria Country Programme
Monitoring & Evaluation on Violent Extremism and Civil Society Capacity in Tunisia
Nizar in Egypt
Design, Development and Delivery of a Training Programme on Regulatory Reform in Egypt
Oxfam's WASH team animates outdoor games for children in an informal Syrian refugee settlement in North Lebanon.
Research on Resilience Assets in Lebanon
Evaluation of the LEADERS livelihood intervention in Lebanon
Assessment of Associational Restrictions on Civic Space in Morocco
Arsal Labour Market Assessment - ALMA
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Global Evaluation of Sexual Violence
Dynamics and challenges facing social enterprise development in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine
oxfam cover
Feasibility Study for Municipal Water Provision to informal tented settlements in the Northern Bekaa region of Lebanon
Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security in Lebanon
Co-authoring and editing the fourth State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/2017
Monthly Protection Monitoring Analysis in Lebanon