Common Country Analysis for UN Country Office UAE

December 23, 2020


The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a dynamic and rapidly developing nation, has garnered significant attention on the global stage for its remarkable socio-economic transformation. Against this backdrop, the United Nations Country Office in the UAE initiated a groundbreaking Common Country Analysis (CCA) project in the first half of 2021. This pioneering endeavor aimed to provide an in-depth assessment of the UAE’s context and served as the foundational framework for all UN activities, inter-agency collaborations, and engagement with the country’s authorities. Moreover, the CCA would play a pivotal role in shaping a cohesive, pertinent, and transformative Cooperation Framework known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF). This Framework sought to align UN efforts in the UAE with national goals and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creating a roadmap for impactful and sustainable development initiatives.

Triangle, entrusted with the task, assembled a proficient research team to delve into the competitive landscape of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in the UAE. The analysis encompassed an exhaustive examination of key stakeholders, including national, sub-national, and local entities, as well as civil society organizations. In collaboration with key members of the UNCT and influential national stakeholders identified during the CCA process, a detailed Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis was conducted. This SWOT analysis, a vital component, was integral in assessing the UNCT’s competitive advantages and setting priorities. By amalgamating the insights garnered from this assessment with the broader CCA findings, Triangle’s research team was poised to formulate a structured hierarchy of priorities and evidence-based recommendations. These recommendations were rooted in tangible opportunities to develop a pragmatic UNSDCF, synergizing with both the SDGs and the UAE’s national development objectives.

Triangle’s Assessment:

  • Unprecedented CCA Undertaking: Triangle, as the consulting entity, embraced the unique challenge of conducting the first-ever Common Country Analysis (CCA) for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This landmark initiative necessitated a tailored approach, combining expertise in conflict dynamics and trend analysis with a comprehensive understanding of the UAE’s socio-economic landscape.
  • In-Depth Stakeholder Engagement: A cornerstone of Triangle’s approach was the meticulous engagement with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including national, sub-national, and local entities, as well as civil society organizations. This inclusive approach ensured that the CCA’s insights were informed by diverse perspectives and grounded in the UAE’s complex social and political fabric.
  • SWOT Analysis and Priority Setting: Triangle conducted a rigorous Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis to pinpoint the competitive advantages and challenges within the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in the UAE. This strategic assessment provided the foundation for setting priorities and recommendations that aligned with real opportunities and national development objectives.
  • Alignment with Global and National Goals: The consultancy diligently aligned its findings with global development agendas, particularly Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By integrating these frameworks into the CCA, Triangle ensured that UN engagement in the UAE was not only contextually relevant but also contributed to the achievement of international and national development aspirations.
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Throughout the consultancy, Triangle upheld a data-driven approach, emphasizing the importance of robust research, statistical analysis, and comprehensive data repositories. This commitment to evidence-based decision-making empowered the UNCT and national stakeholders with actionable insights for sustainable development planning and implementation.
  • Collaboration with the RCO: Triangle worked in close collaboration with the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office (RCO) in the UAE, recognizing the RCO’s pivotal role in coordinating UN efforts and facilitating inter-agency collaborations. This partnership ensured that the CCA development process was closely aligned with the UN’s strategic goals and the UAE’s national development agenda.
  • Ongoing Dialogue and Adaptation: The consultancy also championed the establishment of an ongoing dialogue among UNCT members and key constituents, fostering a culture of adaptation and continuous improvement. This dynamic approach aimed to keep the CCA relevant in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities, reinforcing UN engagement in the UAE’s development journey.

Common Country Analysis (CCA) of the United Arab Emirates for the UN Country Office in the UAE


December 2020 – April 2021

United Arab Emirates
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