Evaluation of Japan Platform-Funded Projects in Syria - JPF


In March 2020, Japan Platform embarked on a commendable humanitarian endeavor by funding three distinct projects in war-torn Syria. These initiatives were orchestrated in collaboration with Japanese Member NGOs and Syrian implementing partners, serving as a testament to the international community’s commitment to alleviating the dire humanitarian crisis in the region. The projects encompassed a multifaceted approach to addressing Syria’s pressing needs, spanning critical areas such as mine risk education and food distribution in Idlib and Aleppo, food production endeavors in Homs and Rural Damascus, and shelter assistance coupled with winterization activities in Der Ez Zor and Rural Damascus governorates. These undertakings sought to mitigate immediate threats, bolster local resilience, and ensure the well-being of vulnerable Syrian populations.

Triangle’s Assessment:

  • Objective and Scope: Triangle assumed the role of evaluator, tasked with comprehensively appraising the three Japan Platform-funded projects executed by Member NGOs in Syria. Our assessment encompassed a meticulous examination of project efficacy and impact across Syria, emphasizing the extraction of valuable insights to inform future humanitarian endeavors.
  • Technical Roadmap: Triangle crafted a precise technical proposal, delineating a sequential plan spanning multiple weeks. This roadmap included the revision of evaluation tools, the design of data collection instruments, training of enumerators, and robust data collection procedures. Notably, the proposal underscored the importance of data quality management and underscored Triangle’s commitment to adhering to rigorous research standards.
  • Adaptability Amidst Uncertainty: Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Triangle demonstrated a proactive approach to risk management. This encompassed the formulation of strategies to facilitate in-person data collection in safe environments while simultaneously devising contingency plans for remote data collection if circumstances necessitated. The ultimate goal was to ensure stakeholder engagement without compromising safety.

Evaluation of Japan Platform-Funded Projects in Syria – JPF


January 2021 – March 2021

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