Research on Resilience Assets in Lebanon

May 23, 2018

A piece of research which picks apart relationships between resilience, conflict drivers and social entrepreneurship

In order to bolster and contextualize Oxfam’s nascent “Building Alternative Development Assets and Entrepreneurial Learning” programme, Oxfam has commissioned Triangle to conduct a piece of research to identify “resilience assets” (features and platforms of resilience) in specific communities (Tripoli, el Minieh, Koura, Saadnayel and Jebjenine) affected by Syrian and Palestinian refugee influxes across Lebanon. In addition, the research explores how these assets have contributed to countering instability and conflict and aims to identify factors that can influence current resilience assets in these communities, as well as what role social entrepreneurship can play in this regard. The generated evidence is meant to guide Oxfam’s design and programming and to provide recommendations for sustainable training and programme design targeting youth and women in particular. Simultaneously, the research aims to gauge social stability factors and community resilience in countering the socio-economic drivers of radicalisation in the target communities.


Research on Resilience Assets in Lebanon

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Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Policy Advisory

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