Arsal Labour Market Assessment - ALMA

October 9, 2017


The Arsal Labour Market Assessment (ALMA) project was initiated to address the critical need for understanding employment and economic activity in Arsal, Lebanon. Commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the project aims to map key economic activities, assess employment trends, and identify barriers to job opportunities among Syrian refugees and Lebanese residents. This study is essential in promoting access to employment and income generation activities in the region, which has been heavily impacted by the Syrian conflict. The assessment will inform future interventions to enhance the livelihood opportunities and economic resilience of the local population.

Triangle’s Assignment

Triangle was tasked with conducting a comprehensive feasibility study for the Arsal Labour Market Assessment. The assignment involved a detailed mapping of economic activities, assessing employment trends, identifying barriers to job opportunities, and exploring income generation activities. The final deliverable was a comprehensive report with recommendations for livelihood interventions to support vulnerable populations.


The assignment had several key objectives:

  • To conduct a detailed mapping of key economic activities in Arsal.
  • To assess employment trends among Syrians and Lebanese residents.
  • To identify barriers to employment and self-employment.
  • To explore opportunities for income generation activities.
  • To provide recommendations for livelihood interventions targeting vulnerable populations.

Research Approach & Methodology

Triangle employed a mixed-method approach to gather comprehensive data for the assignment. The methodology encompassed the following key components:

  • Literature Review: Conduct a thorough review of economic indicators, reports from development agencies, and academic sources relevant to the employment market in Arsal.
  • Inception Interviews: Conduct inception interviews to develop context-specific research tools.
  • Quantitative Methods: Implement baseline labour surveys and business assessment surveys to assess labour participation, skills, and employment rates.
  • Qualitative Methods: Conduct key informant interviews and focus group discussions with local experts, business owners, and stakeholders to gain deeper insights into labour market dynamics.
  • Analysis: Employ grounded theory for qualitative data and statistical methods for quantitative data analysis.
  • Reporting: Compile findings into a draft market study report, followed by a final report incorporating feedback from UNDP, and deliver presentations of key findings to relevant stakeholders.

Arsal Labour Market Assessment – ALMA

Service type:

Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Policy Advisory

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