Triangle is always on the lookout for forward thinking individuals who can contribute to the ethos of the organisation. Whether in policy, research or media, Triangle believes that the synergies across its three focus areas can help the organisation develop alongside its team of both specialists and generalists.

The Communications & Digital Media Officer collaborates with editorial staff members to improve Triangle’s Communications Strategy and manages social media platforms, press releases, newsletters and all other media and communications.

The HRO Officer oversees Triangle’s operations, working closely with senior management. Their main duties include efficiently coordinating HR, operational, and logistical tasks in line with project resources and business strategies. They collaborate with finance to manage finances, and with business development to align operations with strategy. The role involves supervising accounting, legal affairs, HR, project cycles, and general administration.

The Project Development Intern role involves monitoring opportunities, crafting bids and proposals, researching target markets, aiding grant management, and offering admin support to the team.

The Senior Research Analyst conducts qualitative and quantitative research, collaborates with team members, and oversees project completion from start to finish, including analysis and reporting, under the guidance of Triangle directors or team leaders.

As a Videographer at Triangle Thinktank, you will play a crucial role in visually presenting our research, analyses, and policy recommendations to engage and inform a wide range of stakeholders. Your work will help us effectively communicate complex ideas and drive positive change in society.

The Finance Officer is responsible for ensuring that finance and accounting matters are managed in line with project resources and business development strategies. Alongside senior management, s/he will also supervise Triangle’s accounting, legal affairs, and human resources, as well as project cycles and the general administration of the organisation.

The Business Development Manager is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the different components of Triangle’s business development alongside upper management. The primary responsibilities of the Business Development Officer are to streamline and manage business development efforts, as well as support operations and programming across the organization.

The primary objective of the focus group discussion facilitator is to lead, manage and ensure the effective implementation of focus group discussions with children, adolescents and their caregivers, for a study looking into barriers to education enrolment for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Triangle is searching for an individual web develop/er/ment company to revamp our existing website, in order to enhance the user experience and improve its functionality. We want to ensure that the new website is modern, responsive, and meets the needs of our customers and partners.

The Research Intern will assist research teams in data analysis, policy synthesis, and administrative tasks. This will encompass data management, policy analysis, and report preparation, fostering valuable learning and professional development.

Triangle requires the services of an external auditor in Lebanon. The primary objective of the external auditor is to provide an unbiased and independent assessment of the company’s financial records, internal controls, and financial reporting practices, as well as to provide expert opinion on income retention strategy. In addition, the auditor will assist in the preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns and income tax returns.

The Graphic Designer collaborates with the Art Director, editorial staff members, and account managers to ensure the timely and quality production of information graphics, iconography, and custom illustrations.

Triangle is looking for a person with exceptional research and writing skills to contribute to Badil and other Triangle programs. As a Journalist & Analyst, you will produce investigative reports, analysis, and commentaries on Lebanon’s current affairs and political economy for Badil.

The primary objective of the Qualitative Researcher is to design, lead, and manage qualitative research activities, including individual interviews and group discussions, with a specific focus on children, adolescents and their caregivers.

The Managing Editor is responsible for the timely production of written and visual content that engages readers with clear and strong policy messages affecting the West Asia and North Africa region. Based on an agreed weekly schedule, the Managing Editor will liaise with Triangle’s policy, graphics, media monitoring, and translation departments to ensure that all deliverables meet Triangle’s required level of rigor.