Triangle is always on the lookout for forward thinking individuals who can contribute to the ethos of the organisation. Whether in policy, research or media, Triangle believes that the synergies across its three focus areas can help the organisation develop alongside its team of both specialists and generalists.

Operations Officer
Beirut, Lebanon

The Operations Officer is responsible for managing the components of Triangle’s business lines alongside upper management. The primary responsibilities of the Operations Officer will be to ensure that finance and accounting matters are managed in line with project resources and business development strategies. Alongside senior management, s/he will also supervise Triangle’ accounting, legal, human resources, project cycles and the general administration of the organisation.

Research Analyst
Beirut, Lebanon

The Research Analyst is responsible for the production of qualitative and quantitative research outputs in addition to coordination, implementation and monitoring of research activities under the supervision of Triangle directors and/or team leaders.

Business Development Officer, Beirut Lebanon

The Business Development Officer is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the different components of Triangle’s business development alongside upper management. The primary responsibilities of the Business Development Officer are to streamline and manage business development efforts, as well as support operations and programming across the organization.

Beirut, Lebanon

The Intern will assist with research, program development, grant management and provide administrative support. The internship is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Graphic Designer
Beirut, Lebanon

The Graphic Designer collaborates with the Art Director, editorial staff members, and account managers to ensure the timely and quality production of information graphics, iconography, and custom illustrations.

Ideal candidates will be able to maintain an elevated understanding of design standards and guidelines, communicate efficiently with the editorial team, complete graphic research, work to deadlines, and possess solid visual design skills, as well as, demonstrable experience.

Writer and Analyst
Beirut, Lebanon

Triangle is now looking for a person with exceptional writing skills for a new position as Writer & Analyst.

The Writer & Analyst will work with Triangle’s media monitoring team to analyze emerging trends in political media coverage in Lebanon, with a view to helping the general public understand values underpinning certain narratives.

The Writer & Analyst will then be responsible for producing weekly written content related to current affairs and political economy in Lebanon and the broader MENA region.

This role involves translating publications and documentation including policy papers, reports, and infographics from English to Arabic.

The Translator must have the ability to convey technical concepts in easy-to-understand language and ensure that the original meaning is retained by understanding the context of, and background information about, the subject matter covered.

The Managing Editor is responsible for the timely production of written and visual content that engages readers with clear and strong policy messages affecting the West Asia and North Africa region.

The Managing Editor is required to guide and support internal and external content contributors from ideation to implementation and publishing. This requires that the Managing Editor help other staff members identify viable research topics and generate a plan for collecting data, as well as analyzing and publishing its content. At times, the role will require that the Managing Editor personally contribute to content editing and writing, as well as data collection.