Evaluating Educational and Child Protection Activities in Lebanon - Terre des Hommes Italia

January 30, 2021


Terre des Hommes Italia, a part of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, is a global organization working for children’s rights and equitable development. They have been actively involved in Lebanon since 2006, focusing on various sectors, including protection, child protection, education, livelihoods, and community support. Their collaborative efforts in Lebanon, in conjunction with partners such as Ana Aqra Association, have reached over 10,000 children across different regions, providing formal and non-formal education activities. These initiatives have evolved to address the changing needs of vulnerable children and communities, with a particular focus on the educational, psychosocial, and protection requirements of refugee and host community children.

Triangle’s Assessment:

  • Scope of Evaluation: The final evaluation sought to comprehensively understand and document the program’s impact on children and their families. This included assessing the transition from regular education activities to distance learning methods and the adaptation of curriculum for children, caregivers, facilitators, and teachers.
  • Methodological Approaches: The evaluation employed a participatory and inclusive methodology, engaging with stakeholders across gender, age, disability, and vulnerability considerations. Ethical data collection practices, ensuring safety and informed consent, were a paramount focus.
  • Data Collection: Evaluators utilized a mix of qualitative and quantitative data and methods, often triangulating data sources when possible. Interviews, questionnaires, and focus group discussions played crucial roles in gathering information.
  • Key Research Questions: The evaluation addressed critical questions, starting with the relevance of remote learning approaches for both children and caregivers. It explored the effectiveness of these approaches in various educational activities and their impact on child protection. Additionally, the evaluation assessed the efficiency of resource utilization, especially in the context of adapting to distance learning. Lastly, sustainability considerations were examined, anticipating prolonged remote learning and its implications.

Access and Improvement of Educational and Child Protection Activities in Lebanon Through an Integrated Approach


January 2021 – March 2021

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