Impact Assessment of the Maternity Insurance Fund in Jordan

November 28, 2020

In early 2020, Triangle assessed the impact of Jordan’s Maternity Insurance Fund (MIF) on women, children, their families and businesses. The fund, established with the technical assistance of the International Labour Organisation, provides women working in the private sector with a guaranteed wage during their maternity leave. This aims to boost female labour force participation, maternal and child health and wellbeing, and intra-household dynamics.

The assessment analysed the experiences of women and employers in different sectors and geographies of Jordan, while also comparing the experiences of mothers who earn above and below the average wage. The final report will contribute to the ILO’s future decision making around design, administrative, business process improvements, complementary measures, and allocations to enhance relevance, up-take and removal of barriers to female participation in the labour market.


Impact Assessment of the Maternity Insurance Fund in Jordan

Location: Jordan
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