Gender Analysis of the Syrian Conflict – UN Women

October 30, 2020


Inside and outside Syria, women continue to pay a disproportionate price for the conflict, including through sexual and gender-based violence.

The Syrian conflict exacerbated gender inequalities and the risks of violence for both women and men, though disproportionately for women and girls. Increased societal violence and a breakdown of the rule of law has come hand in hand with increased violence against women.

Additionally, according to UN data economic hardships and security risks from the conflict encourages child marriage, which has becomes an economically sound solution and security measure for girl’s ‘safety.’ Child marriage is a human rights violation which prevents girls from fulfilling their potential, and can lead to early school drop-out and exclusion from the labor market.

These and other forms of violence permeate the daily lives of Syrian women and girls living in and outside of Syria. Violence increases with displacement and adds to the challenges of existing structural and cultural discrimination.

Triangle’s Assessment:

Triangle’s gender analysis of the Syrian conflict assessed the status of women, gender norms and roles prior to the conflict and how this has evolved throughout the course of the conflict.


Gender Analysis of the Syrian Conflict – UN Women


December 2021 – February 2022

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