Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security in Lebanon

March 5, 2016


The strategic review of food and nutrition security in Lebanon, commissioned by the World Food Programme (WFP), aimed to provide an in-depth analysis of the country’s food security and nutrition landscape. With Lebanon facing significant challenges exacerbated by the influx of refugees and economic strains, understanding the dynamics of food security and nutrition was crucial. The review sought to support WFP in enhancing its engagement with national governments and stakeholders, aligning its efforts with national development goals, and identifying areas for intervention to address gaps and accelerate progress toward achieving zero hunger.

Triangle’s Assessment:

  • Comprehensive Approach: Triangle Consulting set forward a comprehensive approach to conducting the strategic review, leveraging its expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, policy analysis, and media advocacy to deliver evidence-based insights.
  • Multi-Phase Methodology: The research methodology included literature reviews, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and data analysis using grounded theory methods, ensuring flexibility to gather relevant information and integrate feedback.
  • Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement: Strategic sampling strategies and collaboration with WFP ensured the inclusivity of stakeholders, capturing diverse perspectives from government ministries, international organizations, NGOs, academia, and the private sector.
  • Bilingual Presentation: The report was presented in both English and Arabic, providing insights into key challenges, opportunities, and priority areas for intervention in the food security and nutrition sector.
  • Stakeholder Workshops: The project team facilitated stakeholder workshops to share findings and foster dialogue on potential solutions, ensuring broader engagement and buy-in for proposed recommendations.

Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security in Lebanon


March 2016-May 2016

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