Protection Monitoring and Advocacy Reporting

March 5, 2017


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has operated in Lebanon since 2004, providing assistance to Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees, as well as Lebanese communities affected by conflict. With a commitment to humanitarian principles and accountability, DRC implements programs focusing on protection, shelter, livelihoods, and community empowerment. Across five locations in Lebanon, including North and Central/West Bekaa, Akkar, Tripoli, and South, DRC employs a community-based approach to address protection concerns and support vulnerable groups, striving to empower both refugee and host communities to prevent and respond to protection challenges effectively. In this context, the project seeks to enhance DRC’s impact by compiling and analyzing the Protection Monitoring Report, thereby providing deeper insights into the protection needs of refugee populations and informing evidence-based programming decisions.


Triangle’s Assessment:

  • The research methodology was refined through previous collaboration with DRC, emphasizing iterative feedback loops to ensure data quality and relevance.
  • Employing SPSS 20.0 for quantitative data processing, enabling comprehensive cross-tabulations for in-depth socio-demographic comparisons.
  • Conducting qualitative analysis to complement quantitative findings, uncovering nuances and insights crucial for understanding protection concerns.
  • A comprehensive Protection Monitoring Report (PMR) was delivered, encompassing thematic analysis, recommendations, and methodological insights, tailored to meet DRC’s needs and expectations.
  • Facilitating collaboration between DRC and Triangle’s project team, ensuring seamless communication and alignment throughout the research process.

Protection Monitoring and Advocacy Reporting 


October 2016-February 2017 

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