In response to the pressing need to align maternity insurance policies with international labor standards in Jordan, the International Labour Organization (ILO) commissioned Triangle to conduct a comprehensive assessment. This study was crucial in identifying how the existing maternity insurance framework could be improved to support gender equality and empower working mothers effectively.

The research carried out by Triangle employed a blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, such as stakeholder interviews and international comparisons, to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of current policies. The objective was to uncover any shortcomings within the system that impeded equitable access to maternity benefits, and to propose changes that could bring about substantial social and economic improvements for women in the workforce.

The analysis revealed that the benefits were often inadequate, the scope of coverage too narrow, and access unevenly distributed among different groups of women. These issues not only hindered women’s participation in the labor market but also exacerbated social and economic inequalities. Based on these insights, Triangle recommended several key reforms to enhance the maternity insurance system in Jordan. These recommendations included raising the level of benefits to comply with international standards, expanding coverage to all sectors of employment, and ensuring that all women had equal access to these benefits. The study also suggested that supportive measures such as childcare services and flexible work arrangements be implemented to complement the insurance reforms.

This comprehensive evaluation and the ensuing recommendations aim to guide the ILO’s efforts in advocating for more robust maternity protection policies in Jordan. The ultimate goal is to influence policymaking that fosters gender equality and promotes social justice, aligning with broader international objectives.

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