Advocacy Campaign for Fair and Transparent Use of SDRs in the Arab States - Oxfam

April 17, 2022

In August 2021, the IMF issued US$650bn worth of SDRs which were distributed across all IMF member countries according to their quota. Although this amount remains insufficient, these SDRs are conditionality free and debt free and many countries will be able to convert to hard currency and use these resources for urgent health spending including COVID-19 vaccines, social protection, among other public-goods spending measures.

As part of its work on fighting austerity and inequality in the Arab States region, Oxfam has been collaborating with regional and local partners to push for more awareness among civil society, the public, and decision makers, on the issue of fair, transparent and effective IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) allocation.

Triangle’s Advocacy Design:

Triangle was contracted to provide advocacy support for Oxfam’s campaign. The advocacy design process was informed by close client liaison and a review of existing literature regarding SDRs, from which Triangle developed key campaign messages. The messaging was targeted to non-specialist audiences using thematic storytelling techniques.

These key messages were then further developed through Triangle’s visual design process, with the final resulting products linking together in a series of advocacy materials (complex infographics, explainer video, etc.). The materials raise awareness of SDRs in the region – specifically in four Arab states Lebanon, Tunis, Egypt and Iraq – and how they can be used to combat inequality. 


Advocacy Campaign for Fair and Transparent Use of SDRs in the Arab States – Oxfam


January 2022 – March 2022

Arab States
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