Review of Lebanon Education Sector Plan costing, financing and funding modalities

Quantitative data gathering for a costing model to inform funding modalities for the Reaching All Children with Education in Lebanon Strategy

The Reaching All Children with Education (RACE) in Lebanon strategy adopted by the Government of Lebanon, United Nations agencies and other development agencies seeks to put in place programmes and policies to ensure that all children in Lebanon enter into some form of schooling. In order to achieve this goal, funding agencies need to have a holistic view of the costs associated with admitting different students into the public education system, especially in light of the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon.

In order to help funding institutions understand the costs of education, Oxford Policy Management commissioned the research as part of their work with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). The modeling exercise produced funding structures related to the Lebanese public education sector including spending modalities as well as an assessment of projected funding requirements, options and ideas for sustainable service delivery across of the public education system.


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