Citizens’ Perception Research Study for GVC

In an effort to improve access to safe and affordable water in Lebanon’s vulnerable communities, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), World Vision International (WVI), Oxfam GB and Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC) – under the consortium H2ALL – are working to build the capacity of local and regional authorities and provide cost effective systems for water provision in two municipalities in the Bekaa Valley: Riyak and Haouch Hala Municipality and Ali El Nahri Municipality.

GVC will support infrastructure interventions conducted by NRC and WVI by implementing, on the one hand, community-based activities to promote water accountability and achieve higher subscriptions and payments to the Bekaa Water Establishment (BWE), and, on the other, Water Demand Management capacity building activities for the Bekaa Water Establishment (BWE) to encourage better use of existing water supplies.

GVC has commissioned Triangle to conduct an in-depth qualitative and quantitative study of local community dynamics. The ongoing study, entitled ‘Citizens’ Perception Research’ (CPR), uses Focus Group Discussions, Key Informant Interviews and Door-to-Door surveys to gather and assess the following for the GVC:

  • stakeholder and power dynamics in the target localities;
  • citizens’ water consumption and expenditure on water;
  • citizens’ perception of the water services they receive;
  • identification of the channels and tools that could be used to overcome the barriers that prevent people from subscribing and paying for water services.

Citizens’ Perception Research Study

Location: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Service Type:

Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research