Article Published on Child Labour in Agriculture - Lebanon

Triangle’s founders and consultants publish a series of print and multimedia works for publications and advocacy groups on eliminating the root causes of forced child labour among Syrian refugee children working in in Lebanon’s agricultural sector

June 12, 2016

BEIRUT (Triangle News) —Triangle’s founders Paul Cochrane and Sami Halabi have written a series of works aimed at improving understanding of the root causes of forced child labour in Lebanon. The first piece was originally published by the International Labour Organisation and the Beirut-based Executive Magazine. The article was accompanied by a slideshow of children in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley working in child labour captured by Triangle’s consultant Tabitha Ross. Another piece on the topic by Cochrane and Halabi is to be published in a study by Ibtissam, an organisation committed to eliminating slavery.

“The research and awareness around forced labour in the region is growing, but much more needs to be done, especially with regard to child labour and the Syrian refugee crisis ,” said Paul Cochrane, Director of Media at Triangle. “In the past, complex issues such as forced labour and child labour are either avoided by journalists or coverage only talks about the human effects of these problems—yet, this needs not be the case. With the appropriate mix of problem and solution, one can give these issues the coverage they require to make an impact with local and international policy makers and enforcement agencies.”

Photo Credit: Tabitha Ross for the ILO

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