Study of SGBV Among At-Risk Populations in Lebanon

October 24, 2020

Triangle conducted a study that examined Syrian refugee women’s access to Lebanon’s formal and informal justice mechanisms in cases of sexual and gender-based violence, in order to identify the key gaps in these justice mechanisms that need to be addressed. The formal justice mechanisms refers to the state-sanctioned legal system, whereas the informal systems are typically community-based.

The study analysed the existing pathways for SGBV survivors to address their case, the survivors’ personal experiences with said pathways, as well as the SGBV-related protection risks and outcomes experienced through accessing justice mechanisms. The final report provided UN Women with recommendations to support future livelihood programming which promotes pathways to increase the safe access of Syrian refugee women to justice in response to SGBV.


Analytical Study of Access to Justice Mechanisms for SGBV Cases of Syrian Refugee Women and At-risk Populations in Lebanon for UN Women


October 2020 – March 2021

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