External Auditor - Lebanon

Terms of Reference: 

Triangle requires the services of an external auditor in Lebanon. The primary objective of the external auditor is to provide an unbiased and independent assessment of the company’s financial records, internal controls, and financial reporting practices, as well as to provide expert opinion on income retention strategy. In addition, the auditor will assist in the preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns and income tax returns. The audit, corporate finance, and tax services aim to ensure compliance with applicable Lebanese laws, regulations, and accounting standards, identify any material misstatements or irregularities, and provide recommendations for improvement.


Scope of Services:

  1. Assurance Services
    1. Audit the company’s financial statements to express an opinion in accordance with International Standards of Auditing;
    2. Assisting the Management in the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with International Financial reporting standards;
    3. Evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of the company’s internal controls, including the design and implementation of control procedures;
    4. Provide recommendations for strengthening internal controls and mitigating identified risks.
  2. Corporate Finance Services
    1. Provide expert opinion on the company’s income retention strategy;
    2. Evaluate the company’s financial strategies to ensure optimal profitability and sustainability;
    3. Advise on corporate finance decisions to enhance the company’s financial performance.
  3. Payroll Tax Services
    1. Processing and posting of the Monthly Payroll based on the information received from the company;
    2. Filing the quarterly Tax on salaries declarations;
    3. Filing and reconciling the yearly Tax on salaries declarations.
  4. Corporate Income Tax on Returns Services
    1. Preparation and filing of the company’s Corporate Income Tax on Returns in compliance with Lebanese regulations.


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