The Details of Turkey’s Military Pact with Qatar Uncovered

Triangle’s Media Director obtains documents on the strategic alliance between Turkey and Qatar for the UK’s Middle East Eye

January 27, 2016

BEIRUT (Triangle News): Triangle’s Media Director obtained the documents about the Turkey-Qatar agreement, publishing an exclusive for website Middle East Eye.

In December 2015, Turkey announced that it planned to establish a military base in Qatar. Behind the scenes, the agreement was about forming a major strategic alliance. Specific details about the Qatar agreement, which Turkey described as an alliance in the face of “common enemies”, remain scant, but copies of the agreements include a secret pledge by Ankara to protect Qatar from external threats.

“Much is afoot in West Asia in the wake of the ‘Arab Spring’, and the details revealed in this secret agreement clearly shows a cementing of ties between two powerful regional actors, Qatar and Turkey,” said Paul Cochrane, Triangle’s Media Director. “Not much is published about the relationship between these two countries, which is revealing in itself. Through contacts, I was able to get hold of the secret agreements. The agreement itself will have a broad impact on regional alliances in an area undergoing major changes and challenges.”

Photo Credit: Paul Cochrane

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